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The International Hypnotherapy Academy is currently working with partners to bring you some excellent learning material. Our mission is to make learning easy, so we can bring healing to many. Please subscribe to our email list below, and we will keep you informed of coming courses and events that we recommend.

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What are we planning?

The International Hypnotherapy Academy is in the process of reconstructing the website and partnering with trainers to bring excellent courses to hypnotherapists and other therapists who continue to learn great tools and techniques to help people live better lives. We have already run some events, and promoted events run by other excellent hosts, which you will have access to soon on this webpage. We are in the planning stages, and will share our next steps with you. In the meantime please send us your email and we'll keep you on our mailing list for when we are ready to promote.


We will be teaching you some knowledge of psychology as it is a useful subject to understand the fundamentals of what happens in the human mind, and the influences that lead people to think, feel and respond the way they do.

  • All people are conditioned by culture

  • Adaptability is key to thriving

  • Rumuniation can be stopped

  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy that can give people relief simply and quickly. There are several techniques that can be used, and some incorporate NLP techniques as well. Hypnotherapy works with people's sub-conscious mind.

  • We are hypnotised by many things

  • Hypnosis is a natural state

  • Phobias can be cured quickly

  • Other modalities

    We also encourage therapists to learn other modalities like Reiki, EFT (Tapping), EMDR, and others. These modalities can accompany hypnotherapy and give the therapist a wider skill set, and this gives the client benefit. 

  • Rhythm is involved in healing

  • Breath is involved in healing

  • Self-compassion is important

  • In the meantime, we stumbled over this clever brain training device called the Bellabee. The meditation mode can be used to help clients get into the theta brainwave cycle, which is perfect for the uptake of suggestion. If you would like to know about a special promotion where you can offer this to your clients at 50% off the retail price, please email. There is no outlay to you, we even include postage. Instead of US$299 your client pays US$149 with a commission of $50 for you as a thank you. You can also buy one for yourself at this price.

    The Bellabee

    I've been trialling the Bellabee before recommended it. Not only did we trial it but we talked to other specialists who use it, and they found the results were good as well. There is a link below if you want to trial it for yourself, before you recommend it to others. There is a special discount available at the moment, and this will not last forever. The price includes postage.

    Who Does It Help

  • There are 10-presets on the Bellabee

    1. Anxiety  2. Stress  3. Sleep  4. Meditation  5. Concentration 

    6. Autism  7. ADHD  8. PTSD  9. Parkinson's  10. Alzheimer's

    The inventor claims after 2-3 months of regular Bellabee use, the brain gradually rewires to a new, healthier set point. Unlike Neurofeedback The Bellabee is extremely cost effective. Some Neurofeedback specialists recommend it to their clients as a between session device to help maintain their work, and it can be used with the pre-set programs for anyone. 

  • Bellabee Technology

    BrainWave Training, Frequency Following Response, Neuromodulation, Neuroplasticity

    Bellabee is based on the proven principles of BrainWave Entrainment (BWE), Neuroplasticity (NP), Frequency Following Response (FFR), and Neuromodulation (NM) in neuroscience. This technology has been used for 50 years in medical settings. With Bellabee, this technology is now available in a wearable, safe, and affordable product that can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

    By implementing this technology, Bellabee offers a natural and effective solution for guiding the mind into states that may otherwise be difficult to attain. With its focus on affordability and convenience, Bellabee provides an accessible and innovative way to enhance mental wellness.

  • Testimonial


    The Bellabee APP

    Put on the headband, plug it into your smart phone, choose a setting, and let the Bellabee do the work. Want to know how you can get a Bellabee, send us an email.

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